Kinetic Math is your TRUE Math enrichment center. It offers energizing and engaging learning activities which help students develop numerical fluency, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills while enjoying math.

Kinetic Math aims to:

  • equip students with numeracy, reasoning, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills that are necessary for life.
  • provide students venue to reason logically, communicate mathematically, learn cooperatively and independently.
  • develop the children’s love for mathematics through engaging and challenging learning activities.

In Kinetic Math, we give the children an assessment test before starting any program with us. That way, we can recommend the best program that suits your child’s needs.

No. The programs offered by Kinetic Math complement the traditional Math lessons in school. They not only help the children with their current lessons, but also teach them more strategies to help them compute mentally and solve word problems.

Each session lasts for an hour. However, other parents or students request for 2 slots (hours) in a day.

The frequency of the child’s session depends on the needs of and the goal for each child. After taking the assessment test, the Kinetic Math teacher will recommend the number of Kinetic Math sessions that the child needs in a week in order to master the necessary skills needed.

Children as young as 4 years old may already enroll at Kinetic Math. However, we also accept students younger than four years old if their assessment test result shows that they are ready for the program.

The teacher-student ratio in Kinetic Math is 1:3.

Kinetic Math can help your child in his or her current lessons in class. We also hold review sessions for quizzes and exams. In addition, the center may also go back to past lessons that the child failed to master. For some children, advanced lessons may also be discussed.

Yes, we welcome students with special needs who can sit down and do the Kinetic Math activities. One-on-one sessions may also be recommended as needed. However, there is a different rate for one-on-one sessions.

Yes, we can help him prepare for the entrance exam. We will help him review his past lessons and teach him the lessons that he failed to master. In addition, we will also help him develop his test-taking skills.

Yes, in addition to the regular programs, we also offer various summer programs to help the children develop certain Math skills. Please call the Kinetic Math branch near you for more details.

For Kinetic Math Katipunan and Kinetic Math San Juan, one-on-one sessions are only offered to those who really need one. However, Kinetic Math BGC offers one-on-one Math sessions to everyone.

Yes, Kinetic Math teachers are highly trained in Singapore Math. All the teachers underwent Singapore Math training.

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